La Champon Office Building

266 Broadway

Long Branch, NJ 07740


Tel: 732-923-0003

Fax: 732-923-0322

About Us

Established in 1930 our family owned and operated

company specializes in the sales of essential oils,

aromatic chemicals and specialty products. Charles

Champon, (third generation) present owner, is

supported by his three daughters Kimberly, Courtney

and Kirsten (fourth generation). With over 80

years of service we continue to supply the flavor and

fragrance industry with the finest raw materials

from the most reputable sources.

L.A. Champon has evolved into a vertically integrated

company over the years thus allowing it to experience

and become knowledgeable in many facets of agriculture,

distillation, distribution, warehousing and customer


It is thanks to our suppliers and customers that we

are able to continue and grow in this ever changing